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I love podcasts.

My favourite podcasts are easy to listen to and I can find several different topics based on my interests. I’ve learned new skills and heard different perspectives that have opened me up to new experiences.

With new selections every day, I’ve put together some of my favourites podcasts that you may want to add to your list.

The Goal Digger Podcast

Photo credit: The Goal Digger Podcast

Why I like this podcast

Jenna Kutcher, covers topics such as productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks and more. I’ve learned about several apps to support small business marketing and she often brings on guests that share inspirational stories about their own experiences.

The best part? It’s easy to understand even if you’re just starting out. She also shares show notes and resources on her websites – Goal Digger Podcast & Jenna Kutcher Blog.

Recent favourites

329: How to Optimize Your Facebook Group Strategy

336: The Checklist I Use to Choose My Mentors

342: 5 Ways to Utilize Social Media if You’re Starting from Ground Zero

348: How to Safeguard Your Small Biz During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Daily Boost

Photo credit: The Daily Boost

Why I like this podcast

This is a great podcast to listen to right now if you need additional motivation. Host Scott Smith does a great job sharing content to help listeners find clarity, create a plan, and get motivated.

Overall, its a great podcast to listen to if you’re looking to stay motivated throughout the week.

Recent favourites

Productivity While Working at Home

Neutralizing Negative Thoughts

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

How To Break Bad Habits

The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

Photo credit: The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

Why I like this podcast

The host, Julie Solomon, covers changing trends in influencer marketing. She brings in guests to address various topics on getting brand deals, the value of coaching and how to develop your side hustle. Julie also offers additional resources on her website.

Recent favourites

What Should I Expect After the First Year in My Side Hustle?

A Sneak Peek Into My Content Creation Process

Face Your Fears and Build Your Dream Business with Julie Solomon

Let me know your favourites in the comments below! I plan to share new podcasts and favourite episodes in upcoming months.

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